Joining the Knights of Trinity

Once you’ve been with us for a couple of weeks, we need to hold some information on you. That means data protection law and Stuff That Really Matters.

No biggie – what we do is ask you to join up as a member of the club, which lets us cover that. A few personal details and a one-off fee nets you a shiny membership card and access to the following club perks:

  • The ability to pre-book a seat in an upcoming game;
  • Access to the club library, which is chock full of rulebooks, supplements, scenarios and more!
  • Allows you to be a GM for us at the club;
  • Allows you to join the “Cash Quest Dummies” playtesting group, where we help industry folks get their products to market;
  • The ability to sign up for club events, such as the UK Student Nationals.

…with more planned!

Your membership is renewed annually (at no additional cost), just to make sure that it’s still okay for us to hold your information.

And that’s all there is to it!