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Knights of Trinity

A roleplaying games club in Aberdeen, Scotland

Roleplaying Games

Have you ever watched a TV show and been convinced that the character you’re watching should do something else? Ever played a video game and been frustrated at the limits of what you can do? A roleplaying game allows you to inhabit a fictional character. Together with a group of other players, you will create a unique story between where every choice and consequence is yours.

Types of Stories

Dungeons & Dragons is the best known roleplaying game, but if that kind of story doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t worry – there are games that cover every type of fictional genre. Space Opera, Zombie Horror, Heist Movie – these are just a very few of the experiences you can enjoy!

Aberdeen, Scotland

Also known as “The Granite City”, Aberdeen is a city on the north-east coast of Scotland. It is mostly known as the centre of the UK’s oil and gas industry, but is also home to a growing and vibrant community of game players. Why not join it?

Is it Tuesday yet?

There is an online show called _Critical Role_, in which a group of voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. Their weekly sign-off is “Is it Thursday yet?”, but we meet on a Tuesday! If you’re unsure about roleplaying, it’s a good guide to what goes on in a game session.

About Us

Knights of Trinity is a social club for roleplaying based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Knights of Trinity formed in late 2000. Our goal has always been to provide a place for fans of roleplaying games to come together and play the games they love with people that they like. We play traditional and well-known games like Dungeons & Dragons, as well as modern games - there really are a lot out there! We meet every week of the year apart from the Christmas and New Year fortnight, using a series of blocks of weeks to allow our members to try different games with different groups. Check out some of those games below...!

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