Game Schedule: 06 Oct – 17 Nov 2020

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Pick a game!

These are the games that are available at the club between October 6th and November 17th, along with their content ratings.
If you’re a member, then you can pre-book your space at the game that takes your fancy by using the form linked into Discord. Non-members can DM @council and see what we can do to help!

The Eye of Eternity (Rated 15)

The intrepid team from the explorers society has made it to a mysterious island – but what treasures await?

Triggers: Nothing specific.

The Tale of Mr. E (Rated 15)

The world is full of mysteries and it’s up to you and your intrepid teen sleuths to solve them. You will take the role of a group of high-school students solving mysteries in a modern American small town.

Think Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo(ish)

Triggers: Isolation, confrontation, dangerous situations

Fiends and Furniture (Rated 15)

A group of adventurers on a mission to find missing people, a mysterious cave and Meatballs?

Triggers: Disturbing Content

Over the Hills and Far Away (Rated 15)

Over the hills and over the main, through Flanders, Portugal and Spain; King George commands and we obey, Over the hills and far away! Join the army of Wellington and line up against the scurrilous French! This is Sharpe, the roleplaying game!
There’s no need to be a historian!

Triggers: Bigoted behaviour based on gender and nationality.

It’s all about who you know (Rated 15)

Magic is real. Vampires, Fae, Ghosts & Werewolves are real. You are a Liminal, walking both sides of the Mortal and Hidden Worlds.
You and your crew navigate the politics of the different factions in the UK, taking cases and making both friends and enemies on the way.

Triggers: Nothing specific, but this is a urban fantasy / horror game

The Gospel of St. Jack (Rated 18)

Death in the streets of Neo Victorian London is nothing new. The lower classes knife each other for six pence, ghouls savage beggars for flesh and the police sometimes just dump a ‘resisting’ suspect into the Thames.
But these are no ordinary killings. 4 weeks. 4 working girls. Two in Whitechapel, two in Stepney. All four butchered in a truly horrific way. Throats slashed, guts torn open, wombs excoriated. Even hardened members of Her Majesty’s Constabulary turn white at the sheer violence inflicted on these girls.
Now, even the Upper Classes are clamoring at the police to do something- for whilst they usually could not give fig if one, two or ten dead whores turn up in the streets, dark whispers are reaching even the cigar hazed drawing rooms and perfumed salons of the Nobility.
They says the Ripper’s back. That he’s here to punish the world again for its sins.
Which is nonsense. A man, dead over two hundred years cannot possibly come back.
Can he?

Triggers: Blood/Gore, Danger/Peril/Threat, Discrimination (Class), Horror (Body), Horror (Dread), Horror (Supernatural), Madness/Insanity, Mental illness/Trauma, Mutation, Undead/Skeletons/Zombies Violence against women