Game Schedule: 21 Apr – 2 Jun 2020

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These are the games that are available at the club between April 21st and June 2nd, along with their content ratings.
If you’re a member, then you can pre-book your space at the game that takes your fancy from the 13th of April. Non-members can DM @council and see what we can do to help!

Tales of the Holme Guard
Fantasy AGE
Spiders, rats, snakes, bats, lions, tigers, bears…
Holme is a vibrant diverse city bounded by the sea on one side and near impenetrable mountains on the other. The Holme Guard have the unenviable task of keeping order amongst the rogue’s gallery of inhabitants. From the lowest pickpocket to the most artistic forger, no-one is immune to the beady eye of the Holme Guard.
No restrictions
Pirate Armada
FATE Accelerated
slavery, torture, violence, alcohol, kidnapping
Pirate adventures against the colonial powers
Hero Core: New Guard
Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition
There’s been a shakeup in New York and their local hero agency is looking for some new recruits. You’ll be playing as newly qualified heroes (yes, they’re government regulated) and it’ll be up to you to defeat a new cavalcade of villains.
no restrictions
Pokémon Adventure
Pokémon Tabletop United
Animal (Pokémon) abuse
In certain areas of the island that were once teeming with wildlife, Pokémon have started becoming scarce. It will take a group of dedicated adventurers to find out where they have gone and who is responsible for these disappearances.
Hunters in Training
Prejudice against a specific race – the faunus.
You all know of team RWBY and JNPR, however what of the other students at beacon? It’s time to hear the tale of some of the other valiant hunters in training at beacon – you!
4 people works best, but I can stretch it to 6 if needed
That’s Just Spooky, Baby, Yeah!
The Agency
Cults, Death and sacrifice, political extremism.
Become agents of THE AGENCY! Sworn to protect Britain from all enemies – local, international and … dimensional? All whilst trying to stick it to the squares and live a groovy life in Sixties London! Peace, Love and the eradication of supernatural threats!
Sense of humour definitely required!
Toss A Coin
The Witcher
This world is set within the Witcher world which has a wide range of unpleasant monsters and things designed to shock and horrifie people
Enter the world of the Witcher. See all that awaits you in this place
Welcome to Central City
Urban Shadows
Gang violence, blood, corruption
Join one of four factions in this dark and gritty version of our world, where the supernatural hides in the dark, and Glasgow and Edinburgh have merged into one – Central City.
The game is narrative and collaborative in style and suited to players who enjoy rules light games and improvisation.
Welcome to Chance Pop. 379
World of Darkness
Racism, slavery, eldritch horror,
1876-11 Years after the Civil War. The mining boom town of Chance. Your mutual acquaintance Dr Carver Emery has sent word. He needs men and women of your skills to help him unravel a mystery- for the peaceful Dakota natives are now up in arms,strange lights, disappearances and rumors of the dead walking. If it isn’t stopped- there may be hell to pay.