KoT Council Update: 21st March 2020

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The Knights of Trinity Council occasionally meet somewhere away from the club to discuss what’s going on. We concentrate on anything serious or interesting that might affect the club. Perhaps unsurprisingly in light of what’s going on, our scheduled meeting became an online call today. Because of the subject matter, and how it will affect things moving forward, we figured that we’d share some of our discussion with you!

“Business Ab Normal”

We don’t think it’ll surprise anybody to learn that our general plans have taken a bit of a knock. With Slains having closed, we obviously can’t provide game services the way we’d like to, so how to proceed?

We’re going to go digital, chummer! Initially, we’ll use Discord, although we’re also looking at how to use Roll20 as well. To join Discord, you can follow this link: https://discord.gg/yTz3FYe

Once you’re there, the welcome message you see will give you info on how to raise a ticket to gain your member perks (if that applies to you, of course!). We need to put a shout out to our primo moderators, Alexis and Scott J, who are helping us weather this particular storm!

Roll20 lives in ‘MURICA. That means that any data that you put into it is managed under American law, which uses different data protection principles from us. As a result, we can’t take any responsibility for any information you use in Roll20, and we’ll be updating our Privacy Policy with that in mind!

Dijital Adventures

(2 points to your House if you get the reference!)
We can’t guarantee that that games you’ve been playing will be available in netspace – GMs or players might not want to join us online (and that’s their choice, it’s fine!). We’ll be looking for feedback on that very soon. To make up for any games that won’t be running, we’re considering some other gaming ideas to help fill the days in isolation:

If you have any strong feelings on taking part in any of these, please let us know! Also, as usual, if you’re in a position to help GM, let us know that too!

For our playtesting teams, yes, I’m also looking at moving our playtesting of <REDACTED> to Discord – more on that as details firm up.

Basically, the goal here is to keep ourselves entertained in something like the manner we’ve become accustomed to until we can get back to realspace gaming.

But when will that be…?

That’s the $1 trillion dollar question right now. All we can say to you is that we will start reviewing things the moment that Slains is given the all-clear to open. We’ll then decide what to do based on the available scientific advice and the majority opinion of the membership.

What about gaming elsewhere?

They’re as stuck as we are. Cons cancelled or rescheduled; clubs closed down – heck, even Critical Role has gone off the air. For local and national events that we’re aware of, the following is true:

And what about… (gulp)… the Nationals?

Kerry is currently working extremely hard to know all that can be known. Once the details are all available, the current Exiles crew will get a full update.

In closing…

Thanks for being patient while we deal with things. We’re a social club, and not being able to be social officially sucks. We hope that this ends up being a pretty temporary measure. If not, though, we think we’ve got our strategy right to help while we all wait it out!

Continue to take care, and we hope to see you online!

Beth, Dwayne, George, Kerry, Stephen & Steve