Game Schedule: 03 Mar – 07 Apr 2020

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These are the games that are currently running at the club, along with their content ratings.
If you’re a member, then you can pre-book your space at the game that takes your fancy. We’ll start accepting bookings on the 18th of February, once the club is up and running. Non-members can turn up to a game night and see what’s available!

Apocalypse World
Apocalypse World 2E
Players and GM create the setting together, and the story (and themes) develop during play.
Nobody remembers how or why. Maybe nobody ever really knew. Nowadays, people know about it only from the stories their grandparents told ’em, about what happened when they themselves were just kids: burning cities, the collapse of “civilised” society, the chaos. The world is not what it once was, that’s for sure. For a start, there’s the physical evidence – I mean, just look around. But there’s something more, just at the very limits of your consciousness – the howling, fucked-up psychic maelstrom that surrounds us all, birthed from the death cries of billions of people all those years ago. From this, none of us have shelter. Create your characters (a group of post-apocalyptic badasses) and flesh out the setting, then play to find out what happens…
No restrictions.
Be Good Scarlett
D20 Mecha
Insects, Mental illness and Addiction.
Giant robots, potent magic and massive starships. Well? When can we start?
Be prepared for a decent amount of book-keeping.
The Pillar City
Dungeon World
A Dungeon World campaign based in a dense city-state built atop a giant pillar in the sea. The party will be brought together when tasked to carry out a mission by the city itself, and from there will navigate the city’s factions and alleyways and the caves, mines and dungeons built deep into the pillar itself. The players can help shape the setting and direction of the campaign.
The game is intended to be very character driven and low on number crunching and powergaming! New players are welcome.
Lost Mines of Phalandar
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
The usual D&D monsters; spiders, ghouls, undead
An entry level campaign using the popular Lost Mines of Phalandar adventure.
Best for beginners but not essential.
Themes of oppression and ritualistic behaviour
Experience this legendary game that uses no dice at all, and only has three rules of play! Spherewalkers dance from one realm to another – each one different in its own unique way. But something in stirring across the spheres; something that is shaking the courage of the cosmos’ bravest heroes…
This game requires a lot of improvisation and communication!
Kowloon Nine Nine
Feng Shui
Gang violence; Criminal activity
The Temporal Investigation Unit is dedicated to protecting Hong Kong and it’s citizens from the perils of the Time Warm even if it’s a war most people don’t know and don’t care about. The brass certainly don’t care about it, as the TIU is where they dump all their problem cases. What’s that? You’re not a problem case? Your badge says otherwise, buddy.
No restrictions
Controlling Chaos
Innuendo (this is my game, it seems likely no matter who plays), kidnapping
Magic is spreading across the world, London may have been the first to experience ancient forces being unleashed, but the rest of the world is gradually playing catch up. And as magic spreads, so too does trouble and opportunity, and someone needs to deal with the former, and exploit the later. And who better than the reborn dragons of the anicient world.
Big adventures in Little towns
Kids on Bikes
Possible mental illness, slight torture.
In a small rural American town, mystery lurks around every corner. The flavour of mystery today, a call in the middle of the night, a voice only you seem to be hearing. Who is this voice, why have they chosen you? All of these questions and many more await within this small town. Perfect for fans of stranger things, or small town mystery. A role play focused experience, so best to take notes!
Limited to no experience of the game
Star Wars: Imperial Dissidence
Star Wars SAGA
none planned, though player choices may change this.
Set one year after Order 66 the Empire is discarding the vestiges of the old Republic. Players will take up the role of imperial “undesirables” (jedi in hiding, former separatists etc.) currently hiding on Corellia and it will be up to you to determine your destinies. Setup a smuggling ring or pirate gang? Go on a galaxy wide treasure hunt? Save the last remnants of the jedi or republic? It’s all up to you.
No restrictions apply
Aberdeen by Night
Vampire the Masquerade
Mortals coming into the World if Darkness
Requiem for Rome: A Tale of Two Families
Vampire The Requiem
Blood, Existential horror, Slavery, Torture, Debauchery
The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor. In the shadow of the changing of Emperors (Good Claudius…thankfully so unlike Gaius..) many ancient members of the Camarilla are seeking the sleep of ages to thin the blood. And so new alliances must be formed, new deals struck…and new patronages. The players will be invited to become clients of one of two families. Let the feuding begin…
Mature audiences
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e
Chaos, in the Warhammer sense (i.e. Slaanesh)
The End Times have come and gone, and Archaon failed (again). You are now to help rebuild the Old World, and to continue the fight against Chaos, who poses an even bigger threat than before
World of Darkness
Blood, Sex, Violence, Torture
Lightning crackles sporadically in the valley as it interjects the ripples of thunder coming down from the hills, as you go about your daily lives. The rain falls constantly in a thin veil covering every thing in a gray hue of light, but at least it isn’t as bad as last night. The storm has passed for the most part, as the sounds of live-stock and daily affairs fills the day. The Dark Ages are harsh and life is harder, but existence continues from cradle to grave, and the small village of “Kilty” somehow seems to weather all adversities…
Players new to either Vampire, or to Max as a GM.