Games Schedule: 07 Jan – 25 Feb 2020

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These are the games that are currently running at the club, along with their content ratings.
If you’re a member, then you can pre-book your space at the game that takes your fancy (first come, first served!). Non-members can turn up to a game night and see what’s available!

30 Nights
Shadowrun 6th Edition
Learn Shadowrun 6th Edition, while plunging into the growing chaos in the UCAS as you look into the source of a mysterious blackout plaguing Toronto
Custom Mecha RPG
D20 Mecha
Spiders/Arachnids, Deep Sea
The lot of you are mercenaries piloting fine tuned (and personally customized) mobile suits on a frontier world located far outside of civilized space. Four massive corporations control this world and it’s populace, using freelance pilots (and their machines) like you to settle their disputes. If the local storms, mega-fauna, bandits or worse don’t kill you before a rival corporation does, by the end of all of this only one power will control the planet. Who or what that is depends on you.
Escape from Desolation
Airship Pirates
Moderate body horror
Living in a Neovictorian City is wonderful; until you disagree with those in charge. Despite their protestations of equality and fairness, those who are less equal than others “disappear” to the Change Cages, from which no one ever returns. Can you and your fellow prisoners make it out of the cages, and to freedom?
Ideally you are new to Airship Pirates.
Hero Core: resurgence
Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition
Dependant on player character concepts and backstories.
Set in New York City during December of 2021, you’ll be playing as heroes under the employ of a government regulated superhero agency.
no restrictions apply
Icusalia’s Next Top Consort
Houses of the Blooded
Members of an ancient antediluvian race, representatives of a series of noble houses, vie with each other to take charge of the most valuable estate in the most stylish and dramatic manner possible. Backstabbing and single entendre are a guarantee.
Mature players only; returning players preferred
Jyhad 101
Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
Blood, existential horror, torture, mental illness
When the Prince of Philadelphia holds a celebration to commemorate her 50th year of rulership, she orders some special entrées for her distinguished guests. The Anarch rebels of the city ambush the schlubs transporting the entrées, only to find out that the vans contents are much more than they bargained for.. And the players? Well, you were the entrées. Will you make something of this unlife? Join those who would have slain you? Or maybe join with those shadowy folks who say they represent a Sabbat?
New players/ new to World of Darkness
A game using GURPS system and based on the Matrix movie and in the world of the Matrix.
One Shot Roulette
One Shots
All players take it in turns to run a one shot. Good opportunity for anyone who wants to try running something but doesn’t feel ready to run a whole block. The content ratings are a guideline only, as the nature of the game each week will vary.
No restrictions, all welcome.
The Hands of Doctor Solomon!
Thrilling Tales for Savage Worlds
Colonialism, Fascism
The year is 1935. Our heroes are all agents of the mysterious Doctor Solomon, fighting evil across the world, be it gangsters, crazed scientists or mysterious cults. The game will be fast paced and fairly light hearted in the style of Indiana Jones, Doc Savage and The Shadow. Heroes can come from many backgrounds they are united in all owing their lives to Doctor Solomon.
The Heart of Avalon
7th Sea 1st Edition
Cultural stereotyping
Pirates of the caribbean meets Robin Hood, meets Zorro, all thrown into the melting pot of pseudo 1600s Europe. A game of daring do, buckling your swash and losing those who hesitate
Preference given to new players, limited to one player per nation, no magic used, certain house rules in effect
The Other Side
Fading Suns 2nd edition
Noble, Merchant, Priest or Alien, you are travelling on the cruiser SS Obelisk to Criticorum when the engines cut out…
The Paragades
Mass Effect D6
At the height of the Reaper War, you and your team aboard the Wild Card are hired by the Alliance and tasked with acquiring vital resources to aid in the construction of the Crucible.
We Need to Leave
Dungeon World
Mild body horror
Play as the protectors and problem-solvers of a refugee caravan escaping a land beset by a magical catastrophe.
Players that enjoy roleplaying will likely have more fun.