The times they are a-changing!

The GDPR and the Knights of Trinity

No – it’s not the start of a book franchise! The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new European directive – you may have heard of it when dozens of e-mails appeared in your inbox, telling you that those sites you used once five years ago have updated their privacy policy.

Despite the wave of spammy e-mails, it is important, and moreover, it affects EVERYTHING, even us! Regardless of whether you don’t hold information on people in digital format, but only on paper, the same rules apply. You have rights and we need to make sure that there are systems in place to manage them. As the club gets larger, we also need to make changes to the way we do things to ensure that we treat you all with the respect you deserve, and in a way that we can maintain easily.

SO! It’s time for…

The New Deal

In order to allow us to keep track of the consent that you allow us, it is necessary to create a proper membership scheme, rather than have the Knights operating as a rag-tag bunch of loosely affiliated awesome folks. Part of the membership process will involve each new member giving us consent to store personal information to allow us to process their information on their behalf. Our Privacy Policy document which details what we do with that information is available by following this link.

You have a choice at this point:

  • Provide consent and become a full member – a “Knight of the Order”;
  • Do not provide consent and stay a non-member – a “Knight Errant”.

If you choose not to become a Knight of the Order, then you can still turn up and play, but there will be services that we provide that you will not be able to access (because we can’t record personal information about you), namely:

  • Booking a place in a game in advance (although you can turn up and join any game that has free spaces);
  • Running games at the club;
  • Borrowing books from our Library;
  • Including you in club events, such as the UK Nationals.

Membership Cards!

To officially identify the Knights of the Order, we’ll therefore need to issue membership cards. Because this costs money, we’re going to have to ask Knights of the Order to help us cover our costs. As a result, when you become a full member of the club, we will ask for a processing fee of £3.00 – this will cover the cost of the card, and will need to be paid before the card is released.

As a perk, those folks who have travelled with us as Exiles will be able to choose their Exiles team number for their membership number if they wish.

Membership forms will be available at the club from the 5th of June. I hope everyone embraces our new way of doing things – we take our obligations to you all seriously, and will be looking to build on the membership scheme to provide additional perks if we can, as well as just fulfilling our legal obligations.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the changes we’re making, please just ask me (Big Beard Steve). As the one who’s (supposedly) responsible, I’m happy to answer any concerns that you might have.


Steve (Big Beard)

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