March 2, 2018

The Way We Work

Ready for a quick explanation of how the club does things? OK, here comes the science…

Blocks, and Table, and Sign-ups – Oh My!

The club year is broken into seven blocks, of alternating 8 and 6 week lengths. The 8 week blocks are used for stand-alone “Features”, and we try to string the 6 week blocks together into a linked “Campaign”, for 18 weeks of play in total.

For each block, a number of tables will be listed – each table has a Games Master who is running a particular game. (we’re currently running 13 tables per block)

Members can sign up to play at the table of their choice – places are limited, as we generally only allow a maximum of 6 players per table (any more than that and we find that players tend to get bored!). And don’t worry if you happen to be a shift worker and can’t make some of the weeks in the block – as long as the GM is aware of that, then he or she can work around it!

That’s all there is to it!

Game Blocks for 2018

  • Jan 9th – Feb 27th – Feature Block
  • Mar 6th – Apr 10th – Campaign Block
  • Apr 17th – Jun 5th – Feature Block
  • Jun 12th – Jul 17th – Campaign Block
  • Jul 24th – Sep 11th – Feature Block
  • Sep 18th – Oct 23rd – Campaign Block
  • Oct 30th – Dec 18th – Feature Block

(There are no club meetings on the 25th Dec or 1st Jan 2019)